Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony
Moored at Huntingdon

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

October 25th

Still no photos from Jim and Paul but assume that the build is continuing - John gets phone calls asking what ceiling we want and suchlike so presumably something is being done. We are going up on 6th Nov. to see progress and then I will be able to take some photos myself and post them - at least we should be able to see a difference from the original one!
In the meantime I have been away and done my Helmsman Certificate and so can now moor more confidently and have mastered the knots so feel quite happy with myself. Theoretically I know how to work the lock paddles as well and although I oversaw the process and was able to direct the others (always one of my skills) I didn't actually do it myself following orders from the osteopath never to touch them......
I have to say that the scariest part of it was taking the boat into the lock, which is usually my job so I am used to doing it, but I have always gone in slowly and carefully - we were taught to go hell for leather and if you have no experience of canals and locks etc. believe me that steering a large metal boat towards an even larger lock wall at top revs is really nerve-wracking! however I did it, didn't hit anything and can see the logic of it all now. Our boating is going to be quite different from what I had envisaged I suspect!