Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony
Moored at Huntingdon

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Well here I am again and I realise it's nearly a month since I put anything on here - sorry!

We have had a visit from Steve and Pam who stayed with us on the boat for 2 nights which meant that we were able to go a bit farther afield. They arrived on John's 65th birthday and so we thought it would be nice to go down to the Bubble for a birthday meal - especially since this was where Rob and Michelle announced their news so it had very happy memories for us. We arrived without incident and had a few drinks on the boat first then leaving Paddy with a kong full of pate, we walked over to the pub. It seemed strangely full but as it was bank holiday Sunday we didn't think too much of it until we got inside where it was HEAVING. They had had a boxing match in the marquee and now it was being followed by very loud live music (we are getting old). We were told that they weren't doing food so leaving the others to have a drink or three I dashed back to the boat to see what was in the freezer. John's birthday meal comprised of meatballs in homemade tomoto sauce on spaghetti - what a feast! Followed by some more drinks and good company the evening was lovely if not exactly what had been planned!
We cruised off next day to Shardlow through indeterminate weather that meant we needed our rainwear and although pleasant was not as nice as it would have been if it had been sunny. There were several double locks to navigate but having 4 people made it a doddle and we usually had someone to go down with which made it easier yet.
When we got to Shardlow - low and behold who should be there but 3 boats from our jetty, moored up right next to the Clock Warehouse where we were going to eat! Result! We moored up alongside Thomas (thanks Ian and Sarah) and after taking Paddy for a well deserved walk we went in and had a somewhat belated birthday meal which was lovely (thanks Steve and Pam!).
The others wanted to be off early next morning which suited us so we had a relatively early night in preparation for the next day.
Unfortunately my gall stones decided to give me grief and so the other 3 had to do all the work while I curled up on the settee trying to get some rest and failing miserably. Paddy was at his wits end - he kept coming down to see me - jumping up for a cuddle and then racing back up to see the others in case he missed something. Poor chap really didn't know what to do!
We got back and by that time I was feeling almost human so got lunch for us all and then Steve and Pam took their leave - it was our first experience of people actually sleeping on the boat and all went well - apparently the spare bed is comfy and Paddy only had one off moment when he was apparently sitting on Steves lap at the back (where I would usually sit) and forgot it wasn't me and was none to pleased to discover his mistake!
Pam has sent me pictures but I can't download them - so sorry about all the writing.

We have also been making good use of our new car - exploring the peaks - heres some photos to prove it!

These are all from my phone as I forgot the camera - this is Bakewell (of the tart and yes I bought one and yes it was GREAT!)

more Bakewell.

This is at Ilam - this is a National Trust property that is used as a youth hostel - has to be the most up market one I've ever seen!

looking down to the river Manifold (not one I'd heard of before)

Then yesterday we went up to Dovedale and had a walk up to Milldale which was 6mile there and back and luckily the weather only started to drizzle as we returned to the car! Photos seem to have disappeared from that trip - so you'll have to take my word for it! It was very nice though!