Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony
Moored at Huntingdon

Thursday, 17 January 2013

17th Jan '13

We are frozen in at the moment and John with a group of chaps from the pontoon have just done a hosepipe link and filled up several of the boats! Our tap is frozen but one nearer the shore is fine, so linking becomes necessary.

We have a new electric blanket and so bedtimes are now sought after! have slept really well since installing it - thanks Mum!

We are going to move the boat to J8 - we are currently on J19. The main reason is that one of the zips has just about died on the cratch cover and so we are moving so we come in from the other side. It's also going to be nearer the shore so visitors (and shopping etc) won't have to travel so far to get on the boat.

We are going to be next to In the Mood, so Valerie and Graham will be our direct neighbours and at present we will have a gap on the landward side.

Adam and Jenny from Serenity have moved from next to us to an end mooring, which means they are saving as they don't have to pay for the priveledge of taking up two spaces.

They seem to have (yet again) messed around with the settings for the blog and I can't see how to add pictures at the moment - will have to experiment more I think, and maybe read some of the instructions????