Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony
Moored at Huntingdon

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

24th Oct '11

The marina has been filling up in the last few weeks as boats come in for winter. Lots of people cruise for 6 months during the summer and then book into a marina for the winter, but this means nowhere to park vehicles and not for us!
Anyway, we suddenly found that the way we were moored meant that we no longer had any view out of our windows in the living area so today we took advantage of the lovely weather and have turned the boat around!
It makes so much difference and we have found that the sun has been shining on the cratch all day as that is more or less due south, so all in all it's been a good move. Paddy has longer to run along the sides but I'm just hoping the sight of all the coots, swans and geese out there don't give him ideas of jumping in again!
We will just have to remember for his last night and early morning walks to get out of the boat on the right side or it could be interesting!
I only have a couple of days to go till my operation now so am looking forward to being able to get out and about again!

looking straight out of the cratch across to the towers behind all the marina buildings - looks as if they might be demolished next year but we are hoping for a reprieve!

looking across to the entrance sort of north eastish from us.

We are here on the left so this is now Paddy's little exercise yard! The boat 'Serenity' is a wide-beam and is moored on the further jetty so we have a bit of space between us.

Here we are - note Paddy's tail wagging!

.....and from the other side - you can see 'Angel' (Kev and Angie's boat) moored next to us and 'Serenity' beyond.

I had to take 2 lots of these photos because there was a bug (small creepy sort) in the camera and was walking across the lens from the inside on the first lot. Don't know where the little buggers gone but it's still in there somewhere as there is no way to get into the camera!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

19th Oct '11

Time for my monthly update -everything is waiting for my op next week and then hopefully we can start thinking of what to do.
The marina is fast filling up with boats coming in for the winter and there is a smell of stoves burning, which is lovely!
There is a bonfire being built for Nov 5th when there will be a firework party here - hopefully I shall then be able to enjoy a hotdog and some wine / beer!!!!
Looking forward to seeing people again after the op - Carolyn (an old school chum) is going to come up from Birmingham and my brother Colin and Nicky are also coming for a weekend, hopefully before Christmas.
We are off for a long weekend in the van (which is being repaired at the moment) in mid-november down to Stratford with Paul and Rachel and all the dogs (should be some interesting pictures then).
Otherwise we are waiting to hear when Tom and Francesca return from their trip to China - they have now been there nearly 3 weeks and are returning to Germany in a couple of weeks time - it will be SO good to see them again.
We have booked a week in Tenerife just before Christmas to get a bit of sun before the winter chill - hoping that Chloe and Tom & Francesca might be able to come but nothing has been confirmed as yet.
Other than that, life is going on slowly - still enjoying being afloat but are looking at how to draught-proof the boat against the winter winds.

I shall add some pictures from our walks in the peaks - just to keep you interested!