Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony
Moored at Huntingdon

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

more photos

John has told me that I ought to have added more photos and so here they are, basically some more of the lifting and then some of the inside before the wooden walls were added showing the insulation. It's a bit harder to see which rooms are which but it gives the general idea.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

5 Nov 10

We have been up to Manchester and seen the boat, plus got some photos of it arriving on site (see below).
I think I have worked out how to get the pictures in the right place - hopefully this entry will be a bit more together - we live and learn!
She now has her ballast in place and floors fitted plus some of the bulkheads in place (the bits that divide the rooms). the kitchen cupboards are in situ and we have been making decisions on things like the cooker and whether to have a microwave (we will but only a small one since we have the space).

Talking of space - it seems HUGE and the cupboard space seems enormous considering what I have been managing with for the last 6 months. John and I are amazed at how room it seems although we realise that there is still a lot of stuff to go in.
the shower tray is in place and so is the main frame of the bed.

we are delighted that they have managed to juggle the space at the back so that I can have a little office space, there is a separate (2nd) toilet and still room for a wet locker and a wardrobe each. It really is going to be something special when it's complete. Paddy came aboard and inspected it all including the dining arrangements - they appeared to meet with his approval!
talking of completion - it looks as if our estimate for sometime in January is pretty much accurate although we have been promised a more definate date when we next go up at the end of the month. Then we get to decide furnishings and floor coverings, so it will be much more together then.
we are now more excited than ever as it really is far more of a reality and getting more so each day.
not all the windows are cut through and the boat is currently in undercoat mode but if anyone wants to know anything more about any of it, get in touch and we will try to answer any questions.
I will add more in a few weeks when we have seen the next stage......