Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony
Moored at Huntingdon

Monday, 28 February 2011

28th Feb '11

More delays but at least we can definitely say that we'll be on the water next month! Roll on March. Looks like the middle to end of next week so about 9th - 11th. Ironic if it's Friday 11th since that was the day we eventually moved into Langham after living 'temporarily' in Stalbridge for 9 months - this 'temporary' stay will be 10 months! Seems we are destined to wait for what we want!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Photos from 14the Feb

This is the stern - some decoration to go I think but these are the colours of the trim on the dark green of the main boat.

the dark green is the finished colour of the boat and just needs the coach lines to complete. the pale green is undercoat and that will be black when it's finished.

here is the stove - still needs the chimney pipe but you can get the general idea!

the sink and hob are in place but we are still waiting for the worktop before they can be fitted properly.

The engine is now in place and John had to have a photo of it - not sure how long it will be this pristine but at least we have proof of what it SHOULD look like.

now the 22nd and we have been again and the floor is now being laid - starting to look as it should.

here are the completed coach lines - just the name to go plus some patterns on the ends and the cratch.

GREAT news is that Jim is saying that if everything arrives and gets sorted out he is hoping that it could be the end of next week!!! We aren't holding our breaths but it is DEFINITELY getting closer!

Monday, 14 February 2011

12th Feb '11

once again no pictures at present - not enough signal - in fact I have just lost the last 30min of writing as it shut down on me so I'm having to start again!

We went to see the boat on Saturday (40 min instead of over 4 hours!!) as the sign-writers wanted to confirm coach lines and lettering for the name! Very exciting as they had already started on the lines by the time we left!

The inside is coming on although there is a delay on the worktop - we are having something called Granite Transformations which is a bit like granite but not so heavy and is impervious to EVERYTHING! Think that John doesn't trust my care of the worktop! Anyway they have been over and given us a price but are only going over this week to do the template. WHY can't people just get on with it?

Everything else is coming along - the stove is in and looks fabulous - the rest is progressing but it looks like the end of the month if not the beginning of next before we get on board. What a test of our patience - well my patience really as John is pretty good at it already.

Because we really HAVE to be in Cambridge next month for the wedding - we are getting a price to have it transported over to Ely by road and launching it there - which was a HUGE weight off my mind and I've been sleeping better ever since.

Somehow we managed to go over with my cameras batteries flat and Johns went after a few pictures so there aren't many but I will try to find a hot-spot somewhere to add them - too far to go to Rachels now!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


finally I have found a computer that I can load the pictures onto the blog! Thanks Rachel! don't know what I shall do next time but at least these are now done.

first sight of the boat - undercoat is close to shade we are having but slightly lighter I think. Brass looks good against it we think.

this is it from the other angle - the red thing in the foreground is how we get aboard at present!

This is the bow all taped up ready for painting - there will be traditional diamonds painted on the bow which should look lovely!

this is my office! they have done a really good job I think - I know it doesn't look much here but believe me it's a luxury on a narrowboat!

this is one of the windows just to show what they are like - they are not in properly yet until the painting is done!

John's pride and joy! not in the boat at that time but was due to go in the next time!

here it is again! can't have too much of a good thing apparently!