Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony
Moored at Huntingdon

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

26th July '11 part 2

Right let's have another go....

There was a gala here on the first weekend in July and here is a photo of the beer tent! There was some brilliant music and being old and grumpy we stayed on the boat and listened to it as that meant the volume was just right for us!

 In the previous shot you can just see a canoe coming into view - here it is with our mate Chris (kneeling up) in his canoe in front of his boat (with the green cover). He is a canoe enthusiast who takes people around the marina and up to Willington on nice evenings. Despite repeated explanations about the fact that I don't like water (I know I live on a boat, am a Pisces and was born in Brighton - but there you go) and wild horses wouldn't get me into something as small as a canoe, he insists that he WILL take me out for a paddle at some point. I think not!!!!!

John proudly shows off a bream that he caught - there are a lot of fish in the marina and John, Kev and other John spend a lot of time on the ends of their boats dangling things in the water! Some of the carp we have seen are huge - about 4' and on sunny, calm days they casually swim around the edges of the water just to show they are there! Don't think anyone's caught one of the big boys yet.

Rob, Michelle and puppy Lilly came for a visit and here Michelle is getting Lilly aboard ready for me to take the boat through the lock while the men stay on land and chat to people!

Here we are coming into the lock - this is the last double lock for those coming up the Trent and Mersey. It's quite deep and is next to the Stenson Bubble Inn so anyone coming to visit is likely to do this one with us as we have to go through it to go down to the winding hole to turn.

Michelle sitting in the cratch as the water pours in to fill the lock up the 12'4" it needs to get us to the right level.

Me and my little helper as we slowly come up through the lock.

We are lucky to have some fields to exercise dogs in and here's Paddy playing his favourite game of racing between the two of us - ears flying! He can really move when he wants to!

Michelle and Lilly with Rob in the background hoping she will have a good run as well! This is only the second time she has been off the lead with them, as they've only had her a few days at this point.

Here we are about to enjoy a very good Indian meal at the Nadee which is an easy walk (even easier drive if you have a car!) from the marina. They are re-enforcing the bridge over the canal and adjoining railway in the background by the way, just in case you were wondering!

We were in Sandwich (Kent) when the final Harry Potter film was released and I couldn't resist taking a picture of the little old cinema that we went to to watch it! I took loads of pictures of Sandwich as it's such a lovely little town which has kept most of it's individuality. There were no chain shops apart from 2 small supermarkets and a Boots, all the other shops were small independant ones. The place reminded me of some of the Cornish towns, with narrow winding streets and hidden passage-ways. John enjoyed the golf by the way - despite the rain!

It has taken almost an hour to do this, as the photos have taken so long but we are now up to date. On Thursday we are off to the Inland Waterways Association (IWA) festival at Burton on Trent so I will try to put something on next week on our return.

26th July '11

I know it's over  a month since I put anything on here but in all fairness I tried to post a couple of weeks ago and twice it wiped it out after I'd added pictures and LOTS of writing so I gave up. We've been quite busy lately - with visitors and trips to Kent to watch the golf, plus I've been investigating family trees and found it has taken most of my time recently. Anyway I'm here now so I'll do a picture round up of what's been happening.

We went down to the South West at the end of June and this is me presenting one of my past students Tom, with the Nancy Harman Cup! Tom's the first male student we got through the Level 3 Childcare course at the college and so we are all very proud of him!

these are the students who were there that evening receiving an award for Community Service.

I'm having real problems uploading pictures - spent 20 minutes trying to put the next one on and still failing - will try to add to this later.... watch this space (but keep breathing!!!)