Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony
Moored at Huntingdon

Sunday, 19 August 2012

18th August '12

Over half of August gone and we've been quite busy! We have seen a lot of family so this is going to be pretty boring if you don't know us but for those who like to keep in touch with them this is for you!

We visited Rob, Michelle and Halden in their new home and had lunch at the pub. (I'm sure our grandchildren are going to think we live our lives in pubs!)

Here he is at 6 months! Quite a big chap now and he has 2 teeth and has started on solids. Lovely smile and he's a very happy chap it would seem.

We also took the motorhome out for a long weekend and visited Ludlow. We really liked the town which we walked into on the Saturday - rather too far for my knee as it turned out but luckily found a bus which took us almost back to the campsite, which was a relief. My cousin Ian visited us on the Friday evening but I forgot to take any pictures of him (sorry Ian - next time), but Auntie June and cousin Jeremy came over on Sunday. It was lovely to see them all again, and a lovely time was had. We have yet again sworn to go out more in the van as we do enjoy it so much. Life just seems to get in the way.

Part of Ludlow Castle, John went up the tower but I didn't due to wretched knee.

My lovely Auntie June - who had such a huge influence for good on my teens. Love her to bits!

My little cousin Jeremy! The baby of the family..... just wondering if he'll read this.....then will he speak to me again????

John has some trouble getting the BBQ going but it took eventually!

I also went down to visit my mum and took Francesca and Nellie to meet her. A long tiring day - over 350 miles in all, A50, M1. M25 and then back again. It was lovely to get them together and we had a good lunch! Nellie was pretty good considering how long she was stuck in a car seat. We kept the windows closed and had cold air blowing to try to stop her getting too hot and we were quite surprised when we got out of the car to discover how warm it was outside! Mum seems increasingly frail but there you go.

Mum, Francesca and Nellie - three out of the four generations of females in the family (I forgot to ask a waitress in the pub so you just have to imagine me there!) Nellie is 4 months here.

Then finally we have had a visit from Rachel and family over the weekend. Poor things had a rotten journey up here but luckily the weather wasn't too bad so we took them on the boat down to Burton and back then - guess what - off to a pub for a meal to meet Tom, Francesca and Nellie!

Jamie, Wills, Matt and Rachel at the Crewe and Harpur!

Now we have a week of relative peace before our Silver Wedding Anniversary on Friday and then Johns birthday the next week - surprises in store!!! Watch this space.