Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony
Moored at Huntingdon

Friday, 18 August 2017

Friday 18th August '17

Well we are now home so I've just got to fill in the last couple of days and hopefully get the photos uploaded.

John got hold of the camera while I was tying up for the pump out, I definitely need my hair cut!

More nice CRT workers oiling the lock mechanism. Seeing how much difference it makes I think we need to start carrying an oil can around with us, in fact I think all boats should do the same. It would make locking much easier.

We also saw a CRT chap walking along the side, noting down licence numbers and boat names. They seem to have been doing a lot of work on this because we tend to notice boat numbers, mostly to marvel at how old ours seems to be getting. We have noticed that a. most new boats are wide beam and b. LOTS of old boats have been newly licenced, This is good news because it means that if more boats are paying their dues, then the rest of us aren't subsidising them and the more money there is to improve the waterways.

A mill at Loughborough that is being used, seemingly by a health trust. More likely to be offices we suspect rather than a hospital.

Starting to turn at Loughborough. There's an arm to the left that goes down to the town and there are facilities and mooring there but we were on our way to Kegworth at the time so didn't explore.

John enjoying the sun and me with the washing out. It all dried including the family quilt that I made a year or so ago. It came up beautifully.

Plane coming into East Midlands, proof that we're nearly home. You can actually see the quilt hanging up in this one. I love it. I'd asked all the children and grandchildren to buy me fat quarters of fabric that they liked and then I put them all together into a quilt to remind me of them all.

We had a lovely evening with Sarah, who brought the mail including the revised Persi book, and there's a mistake on the second page! Argh!

Approaching the junction where the Grand Union Canal (River Soar), the River Trent (to Nottingham), the Erewash Canal and the River Trent that is about to become the Trent and Mersey Canal all join. The sky looked horrible but it didn't rain amazingly. It turned cooler though (much).

It looks as if the entrance to the Erewash canal takes regular knocks! There's quite a current around there so I'm not surprised actually.

The start of the Trent and Mersey canal, the first time we'd done it on our own boat. We used to do this most years in the time share boat until we got our own, it felt different. In a very good way.

We got up to Shardlow and moored right outside the pub and went in and had a lovely lunch then headed on up to just past Weston Lock. I'd forgotten how horrible these double locks were on this canal, far fiercer than the Grand Union. We moored up just before it rained.

This morning we got up and headed for home, only two locks and about eight miles to go. We shared locks with a Swiss family who were having their first canal holiday and they seemed to be enjoying it. We got to Stenson and the heavens opened with a vengeance.  Really hard, heavy and cold rain poured down on us. Then it dried and started again as we came into the marina entrance, what a welcome home!

I've walked Paddy around the perimeter, picked up the mail and taken him to the field, He's smelt every blade of grass on the way I think. It's good to be home.

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