Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony
Moored at Huntingdon

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sunday 6th August '17

Hopefully I can get some pictures from Friday on here now!

John, Robert and Einarr at the Three Locks.

Einarr with the Paddington postcard we sent the boys from Little Venice. He gives it cuddles! I think I know what someone will be getting for Christmas.

Halden, Baldor and Michelle after lunch in the pub.

Baldor in a pensive mood!

Trying to get all three boys looking at the camera just didn't happen, but I got their backs OK!

Everyone back on the boat! Paddy was shut in the bedroom by the way.

Yesterday we started off in bright sunshine and were making quite decent headway. We stopped for water at the one lock at Fenny Stratton which is unusual because it has a swing bridge right in the middle and is also only 1'1" deep, hardly worth worrying about! John set the lock up and moved the bridge and as I got in it another boat turned up. It was a hire boat full of lads, who were really nice. It had just started to rain at this point. I made a comment about it and was told that it was due to be thunder between 12 and 3. it was now 11.30. We left them to close up the lock and headed onwards and I told John what they'd said so we decided to moor. We had to have a few goes, as it was very shallow along lots of the bank, and the others went past us. We got set up and went in, dried and had some lunch and decided to do some more Harry Potter. So there we were all settled down and cosy and just as the Weasley twins were about to give the Marauders Map to Harry I went to make a cuppa and discovered it was lovely and sunny outside. So we got going again. All along the canal, boaters and walkers had told us that there was a car in the canal under bridge 91.

We got there and they were right. It must have taken some working out to get it there, there's no obvious way to do it. Shame they can't put that intelligence into something more useful really.

We moored at Milton Keynes by one of the parks. I've always felt a bit snotty about the place. The only time I drove there all it was seemed to be an incredible shopping centre, surrounded by dual-carriageways and roundabouts. All I knew of the place was the OU (big fan) and the concrete cows, (not so much). Well we were both very impressed with what we saw. The park was extensive and had a cricket pitch surrounded by grassy terraces, there was an open air theatre which was holding an African Music evening which was great. There were different sorts of 'art' things and amazingly none had been defaced, and there was no rubbish. People were out dog-walking, pushing pushchairs, strolling along, cycling, running, jogging and there was generally a really good feeling about the place. We are going to stay for longer next time and do more exploring as the mooring was good as well.

Today we set off in the sun and it stayed out all day. There was a distinct autumnal chill in the air at times but at least it was dry.

A lovely quiet stretch of the canal, not a boat in sight and blue sky. Bliss.

John spotted these little chaps by a bridge next to a lock. There's something really endearing about alpacas. The goats are for you Robert!

A pretty bridge we spotted, there were even little niches in the sides. No idea why it should be there, our book was silent on the subject for a change.

We had a good day today, and did nearly 6 hours, travelling 14 miles and going through 6 locks. We are now just two locks down from Stoke Bruerne. That's made up a bit for some of the quiet days but the weather is due to be horrible on Wednesday (at least that was the forecast) so we might fall behind again. It's  horrible being on a schedule, we always try not to be but somehow end up that way as we are going home. I'm now looking forward to being back in the marina, and also getting back to the gym, I can't believe I'm saying that but it's true!

I keep forgetting to mention the abundance of fruit this year. It's going to be a bumper crop for just about everything, Sloes, elderberries, damsons, apples, all the trees and bushes are heavy with fruit. The old country saying would be that it's going to be a hard winter, but I shall believe it when I see it.

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