Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony
Moored at Huntingdon

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Wednesday 16th August '17

On Monday we did a shop at the local co-op and got the boat tidy. Then we went over to the White Horse where we were meeting Robert and family.

We'd been over the night before and it was heaving with thousands of noisy children and their families and we hadn't been impressed. We went to the Old Plough around the corner and had a lovely chat with the landlord, we tried a new malt. It's a Highland Park but called Origins I think. It costs twice as much but is really amazing. A shot was nearly £8 so we won't be doing a lot of it but you have to try these things. They didn't open on Mondays but some locals came in and assured us that Monday lunchtime would be a lot quieter.

The pub had a play area so we sat outside. Baldor loved his hoodie and wouldn't take it off even when it got warmer.

Halden looking so much like his dad at that age.

Einarr looking more grown up each time we see him. The had didn't last long by the way.

Three little monkeys!


At last, the three boys together!

And now I've lost my internet connection!

Anyway yesterday was a lovely day. The sun shone and it was really hot again. We got as far as Barrow on Soar which we hadn't been to before. I had a little look while I was walking Paddy but didn't get to the town as it was a bit further from the canal than I went but it looks a really interesting place.

We found a wharf where we were able to get fuel and a pump out so we are all set now.

Today it's been a bit more overcast but still warm. I got three loads of washing done that are all blowing away merrily on the back of the boat. That's one thing I shall really miss back in the marina, but apart from that I'm ready to get home. John is still happy to be out, I'm not exactly unhappy but just excited to be getting back. I've got so many sewing projects I want to be getting on with, and I need my machine out and electricity to run it!

We are at Kegworth, moored at the shallow lock, that is only used as a flood lock in the winter and so we're actually on the lock moorings. We can tell we're nearly home as the planes are coming in to East Midlands Airport close to us, and we normally see them from the other angle!

Sarah is coming over for tea tonight which will be lovely. There is a car park right by the lock which is why we moored here really. It'll be lovely to see her again.

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